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Moth titanium Carabiner

  • THE CLIP FOR EVERYDAY CARRY - Less is more, but details matter. The Baxter’s minimalist-crafted design is refined, leaving exactly what you need from a carabiner purposed for everyday use, from daily excursions to weekend hikes
  • STRENGTH OF TITANIUM - You don't want your gear to fail you, and we don't want to let you down. The Baxter clip is made from titanium because of its strength to weight ratio, making it strong, durable, and reliable. This carabiner can handle the pressure
  • ULTRALIGHT & PRECISION-MILLED - The Baxter is precision-milled from a 1/8”/3.2mm slab of raw titanium alloy, and weighs in at only half an ounce making it ultralight. You don't want to be adding any unnecessary weight to your gear
  • FLEXGATE ENCLOSURE - The Baxter is designed with a flexgate enclosure, keeping it clean with zero moving parts. With integrated notches on the gate for grip, the Baxter confidently isolates your essentials into the lower third and keeps them there
  • DIMENSIONS - Approximately 2.75” x 1” (6.98cm x 2.54cm) and 1/8” (3.2mm) thick. The perfect everyday carry companion for your keys, wallet lanyard, flashlight, knife, etc. Keyring not included, carabiner has a matte finish