Zünden 2.0 | Fire Starter

$ 24.00

A Modern Flint & Steel

Reliable Fire, Anywhere

Easily throw 5,500°F molten spark showers at any altitude in any weather -even wet.

Sånft-Korr Ferrocerium

Produced in Austria, we formulated the perfect balance between softness & durability. Our new standard is 9.5mm (3/8") thickness = 15,000 strikes

Holztek Wood-Composite

Sustainably made with natural wood fibers, our hybrid handle was developed to withstand the elements.

AmbiStriker with Lanyard

Our coated, A3 high- carbon steel scraper is ergonomically designed for ambidextrous comfort & increased efficiency.

Made in USA

Aside from our Austrian ferrocerium, the new Zünden is proudly Made in USA.

Setting a new standard.

More than 8 years since introducing the original, this is the next generation Zünden. Aside from mindful design, we improved a few things.



Coated, carbon-steel, ambidextrous, and ergonomically designed for increased efficiency.


Holztek Wood-Composite

Engineered with natural wood fibers, our new composite handle is the absolute best of both worlds.