Stöker Stove

If you can gather it, you can fuel it.

The Modern Flint & Steel

Not just sparks. Molten showers.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Not going to lie, I’ve been using these ferro rods for years. I recommend and give mine out to students, hunters, and all types of outdoor guides. I don’t leave home without them!
— Donny Dust | Adventurer, Author, Wild Man, Veteran
Customer reviews
Been loving Überleben gear for years now – it's turned fire-making into a blast!
— Becki & Chris | YouTuber, Designer, Photographer
Customer reviews
I've been with Überleben since the beginning and I instantly connected with their gear back then, as I do now. It's been incredible to watch this brand grow and thrive over the years.
— Anthony Awaken | Commercial Photographer, Wilderness Survival Instructor, Outdoorsman

Born from fire

The outdoors are simply a culmination of elements -- earth, air, water, and fire. Through these experiences we develop a deeper connection with nature, and with ourselves Überleben exists to simplify, slow down, and rekindle these meaningful relationships -- starting with fire.


Original Kuksa

Not just a cup. An experience.