Stöker | Stove

$ 78.00

The ultra minimalist, flatpack twig stove.

Goodbye, Fuel Canisters

Fueled entirely by organic matter (twigs, pine cones, moss, etc.) -- tread lighter & never run out of fuel again.

Simple 5-Panel Assembly 

Intuitive interlocking panel design + grill grate allows for low-profile packability without compromising strength.

304 Stainless Steel

Anti-corrosive & extremely strong, each panel is blast finished and/or high-temp ceramic coated.

Köchen-X Grill Grate

Wire-formed from food grade 304 stainless, we over-engineered not just to boil water, but flame grill whatever nature is serving.

Waxed Canvas Sleeve 

Tried & true, durable duck canvas sleeve doubles as an on-demand foraging pouch.

Dimensions / Weight  

Packed in sleeve 6x6x0.5" / approx. 18oz

    Color: Bead Blast

    Hello, Stöker

    The ultra minimalist, flatpack twig stove & grill