A twig stove, like Stöker, is one of the easiest pieces of gear to use in the outdoors. Simply feed it with twigs (as the name suggests), pine cones, small pieces of wood or any other natural material.

But what if we told you there is a more efficient and long-burning method for powering your Stöker Stove? A Swedish Fire Torch will provide you with 30-45 minutes of burn time with little maintenance or tending required.



What is a Swedish Fire Torch?

A Swedish Fire Torch is essentially a wood-round that is split 4 ways. The center chamber in the wood allows air to circulate, providing oxygen, while the fire burns from the inside-out.

For the Stöker stove, we recommend measuring your round of wood to be slightly shorter than the height of the stove and as close as possible to the center diameter, for maximum efficiency.



How to Make A Swedish Fire Torch

Making a Swedish Fire Torch is very easy. You will need a saw, sturdy knife and baton (ie: a piece of wood about the length of an ax handle).

Simply saw off a round piece of dry hardwood. Center your knife onto the wood round and split it 4 ways (ie: 2 times of batoning will do the trick).



Lighting a Swedish Fire Torch

Once you have created your torch, load it into the Stöker Stove as seen above. Put a few twigs into the center of the torch, being careful not to overload it (you need some breathing room in the stove).

We recommend one of our ferro rods for lighting your tinder source (dried grass, scraping of wood, feather sticks, etc). Once your tinder is lit, place it in the middle of your torch, near the twigs.

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Swedish Fire Torch Efficiency

First, your tinder will engulf into flames, which will light the twigs, and the twigs will then light the larger pieces of wood from the Swedish Torch. The torch will burn from the inside out, lasting around 30-45 Minutes.  

This method is quite efficient in maintaining itself, but you might need to stoke your stove every now & then with some small twigs and give it some oxygen (a puff of air).



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