Building an Outdoor Survival Kit is a highly personal thing and depends on a number of factors: Your skill level, geographical location, your lifestyle and much more. But, the need for fire and the ability to reliably cook/disinfect water is always a necessity.

With that said, we think it's important for everyone to have some type of pre-prepared kit. So, we're going to share 3 of our products with you that we believe offer a lot of capabilities in the outdoors.



6-Sided Hexå Fire Starter

Firestarters, more specifically, ferrocerium rods are where we got our start as a company. Ferro rods like our 6-Sided Hexå come in 3" long versions, suitable for EDC (everyday carry) or 6" versions for people who find themselves in the wilderness on a frequent basis. Hexå also offers up to 20,000 Strikes...That's a whole lot of fire-making!

Ferro Rods are a great fire-starting choice because they are impervious to moisture, climate changes, altitude and just about everything else you can think of. This type of reliability, along with their long lifespan make them the perfect choice for an Outdoor Survival Kit.

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Flame Extender - Tindår Wick + Bellow

Our next piece of the fire making puzzle is a flame extender. Whether you're a newbie to fire-making or a veteran of the outdoors, this will aid in successful fire-making.

Tindår features our proprietary KeroDry paraffim-wax infused hemp wick. What does this mean exactly? Well, it burns very efficiently, very hot and can light in 1 strike from a ferro rod! It also features 1 Hour of Burn Time per wick (which is comparable to a BIC Lighter).

Now, let's say you managed to burn through the entire wick, you'll still have the aluminum sleeve, which doubles as a "bellow". The bellow is perfect for blowing coals back into flames.



Stöker Flatpack Twig Stove

To some, a twig stove may seem like a luxury item. But, our Stöker Stove is as practical as it gets and it folds up flat for easy & compact storage. Combine that with the two items mentioned above and you have a perfectly usable fire to cook & boil water...Anytime, Anywhere.

The perks of using a twig stove are:

  • You leave hardly any trace.
  • You have unlimited fuel (twigs, pine cones, larger pieces of wood, etc).
  • It can be used in small spaces (ie: under a tarp).
  • It cools off very quickly so it can be placed back into your pack.
  • You don't have to gather a huge amount of fuel for it (in comparison to a campfire)...Which results in fewer calories/energy burned.
  • You don't have to carry an ax or saw for a twig stove. Twig stoves burn small diameter fuel, so you can get away with a simple pocket knife if weight & space are a big concern.

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