Unusual Ways To Use Your Stöker In The Woods

The Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove in stainless steel. Ideal for making small campfires while backpacking or hiking.

The Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove is available in stainless steel or titanium.

The Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove is an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable and compact cooking solution. This lightweight stove is made of durable stainless steel or titanium. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, making it perfect for backpacking trips or camping adventures, even in remote locations where traditional fire pits may not be available. 

A fillet of fish cooking over a rock slab that is heated by the Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove.

Direct cooking on a flat rock atop the Stöker Flatpack Stove.


Stöker vs. Campfire
There are several reasons why a camper might choose to use a bio/twig stove instead of relying on a large campfire. The Stöker Stove is an amazing device that provides tremendous environmental benefits. With its efficient burning capabilities, you can save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint! Additionally, this stove features a unique airflow system that promotes faster heating times and more consistent cooking temperatures. 

The Stöker Flatpack Stove being used to in the outdoors to heat a pot of water or coffee.

Metal chopsticks can be used in the stoves spaces to accommodate smaller diameter containers.


No Fuel Canisters Required
The portability of the Stöker is one of its most significant advantages. Leave the heavy fuel tanks at home and enjoy your next adventure with this lightweight stove. Nature provides all you need to cook up a delicious meal—gather some twigs, pinecones, or other natural materials as fuel!

The Stöker Flatpack Stove turned on its side to function as a small griddle. This product allows outdoor enthusiasts to cook without the need for a fire pit.

The Stöker Flatpack Stove can be used as a small griddle on its side.


Ever thought about getting a small square grill for the top of a Stöker to grill over coals after the wood has burned down? It may be hard to find the right size and would be another piece to carry, but there’s a solution.

A backpacker cooks their meal on top of the Stöker Flatpack Stove while in the outdoors.

The Stöker Flatpack Stove flipped upside down for grilling.

Traditionally, small wood-burning stoves are used for boiling water in a pot or kettle and frying and sauteing food in a pan while camping. However, there is always room to experiment and take things up a notch. For instance, the bottom of the Stöker has ventilation holes that resemble a grill. This feature allows you to cook food directly on the stove without bringing extra gear.   

The Stöker stove heats a metal kettle of water while in the outdoors.
 There are various ways to use the Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove.

One method is to load the Stöker with fuel at the bottom and make a top-down fire. All the tinder is placed at the top, allowing it to ignite first before burning down slightly. Once that happens, the stove is tilted on its back, with the top pointed towards the wind. Sticks are added to build up the fire before flipping it over once more with the bottom facing up, which serves as your grill. 

 The Stöker Flatpack Stove grills a meal for an outdoor enthusiast.

 Grill mode, the Stöker Flatpack Stove can be used as a small grill.

Establish longer-lasting coals using thicker hardwoods like maple and oak. Feed them into the flames before placing skewers on top. Using softwood instead will result in poor coals or ash. Add those tasty skewers or bacon when the flame is low or down to coals, and grill it up!


Rock Frying
For the intrepid outdoors person, frying pans are not your only cooking option. Mother Nature has provided a perfect solution—flat rocks! But make sure to do your due diligence: these stones should be no thinner than two inches and no thicker than four. Avoid river stones. If possible, opt for larger/broader sizes that provide more surface area so you don't have any slippery surprises like oil or eggs sliding off when it's time to cook up something delicious in the wilderness!

 The Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove is used with a flat rock on top to cook an egg in the wilderness.

 Flatrock cooking on nature’s frying pan with the Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove.

Time to place the flat rock on your stove. Ensure a good fire is burning and don protective gear like gloves and sunglasses. Wait patiently until it reaches the optimal temperature, so you can be assured that any 'explosive surprises' are avoided! Then get ready for some delicious cooking.

 While camping or backpacking in the outdoors, the Stöker Flatpack Stove is used to fry vegetables with the use of a flat rock.

A griddle rock stand used for cooking with the Stöker Flatpack Stove. 

To quickly assess the balance of your cooking surface, try these neat tricks:

  1. Drop a bit of water on it and see where it slides.
  2. If you're dealing with something greasy or fatty, cook off some oil first to coat the rock before testing its level. 
  3. Be aware that putting a rock directly atop an open flame limits heat exposure due to stove height restrictions.
  4. Consider building a stand to raise your flat stone higher for superior heating power and more space for grilling up food!


Griddle Rock Stand
Expand your Stöker Stove outdoor cooking opportunities with a griddle or flattop grill! Construct an ingenious stand to hold up the large rock that will act as a broader surface area to cook. Use four sturdy sticks, each at least of broomstick thickness and long enough for about 4 inches protrusion above the stove when hammered into place. If you're working with a smaller surface area, be sure your support pieces are made from green wood to bear more intense fire exposure without burning out quickly. 

Build your own unique stand with a few simple steps. Place the flat rock on the stove and mark where to hammer the four support pieces into the ground. Remove the rock and start pounding away until they are planted firmly in place. Now all that’s left is to adjust it and put your stone back onto those supports for an awesome custom stand setup!

 The Stöker Flatpack Stove cooks a sausage with the use of a makeshift griddle stand while in the outdoors.

 Using the Stöker Flatpack Stove with a griddle rock stand allows for more airflow and two ways to feed it.

Remove the stone, start the fire inside as usual, and carefully place the rock back before the flames get too big. The space between allows longer sticks to protrude from the top, allowing better airflow. The fuel can be fed via the fuel port in front or from the top of the stove. Wait away from the stove and rock as they heat up for safety reasons. Wearing sunglasses or safety goggles is a good idea. 

Test the temperature by holding your hand over the stone surface and waiting 4 seconds, then sprinkle a few drops of water atop. If it evaporates quickly, you know you’re ready to cook! 

When you're ready to begin cooking, ensure your food is in the middle of the hot stone. This wide slab creates the perfect amount of space to maneuver food around. Utilize the outer sections not directly above heat as a cooling area. The bigger your rock, the more room there'll be for your outdoor culinary exploration. Cooking is a breeze with your new trusty cooking rock and Stöker Flatpack Stove!

 The versatile Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove is used to as a small camp fire while camping.

 Here is a top-down burn in the Stöker Flatpack Stove.


Get On It
The Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove offers an unbeatable combination of convenience, performance, and versatility. Whether you're a wilderness explorer or simply seeking hassle-free outdoor cooking options, this is the perfect solution for all your needs!

 A metal camping fire box is used to fry vegetables and sausage while camping in the outdoors.

 The Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove used in a conventional way.


Written by Reuben Bolieu