More Surface; More Sparks. 

Meet the Hexå. The first of its kind with a hexagonal profile. Available in two sizes, promising a long life. These Ferro rods feature a hole drilled into the rod and come without any handle attached, cutting down on bulk and making them perfect for limited-space kits. With this groundbreaking invention from Überleben, you'll never have to settle for only round rods—now you have options.  

A portable fire starter with metal rod and striker tool, ideal for camping and outdoor adventures. This fire starter is a must-have tool for any survival kit or outdoor enthusiast. Use it to start a fire in any weather condition. Perfect for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity.

The Überleben Hexå (3”) Ferro Rod out of the package.


Hexagonal Ferro 

Say goodbye to unreliable firestarters and take your camping trips, adventures, and other outdoor activities to the next level with the Überleben Hexå Firestarters. Crafted with our proprietary hexagonal ferrocerium profile, these firestarters are designed to create six flat sides providing more surface contact for maximum molten ferrocerium being thrown out whenever you need it. This flat profile design provides greater control and efficiency when starting a fire. The 1/2-inch thick Sånft-korr ferrocerium rod will last for at least 20,000 strikes – giving you plenty of chances to get your fire going. Its reliable performance works at any altitude, in any weather - even if it’s raining. The set also includes a full-grain leather lanyard for multiple securing options and a 6-function multi-tool scraper, both conveniently included. Take on your next outdoor adventure knowing that your firestarter needs are covered with Überleben Hexå Firestarters, available in two lengths, 3 inches and 6 inches long. Either size you choose is ½-inch thick, weighing only 4.2 oz (6”) & 2.2 oz.(3”); there’s no good reason not to carry one unless you already have your EDC blowtorch! 

 Our Hexa Ferro Rod is shown next to our Tindar Wick and a Swiss Army knife. The Hexa Ferro Rod has visible use as it has been used to start many fires. These are essential tools for outdoor adventures, survival, and camping or backpacking.

Discover the perfect fire starter with Überleben Hexå and Tindår Wick! With these tools, you'll be sure to start a successful campfire for all your outdoor adventures!


Flat vs. Round 

With its innovative flat surface space to guide the rod, the scraper has more surface area to work with, giving you a greater chance of starting a fire. But that's not all. The Überleben Ferro rods use a hard enough ferrocerium, perfect for the thumb-on-thumb method. This technique isn't as effective with softer ferrocerium, giving Überleben an edge in creating more direct, extensive sparks. But be warned; this technique can wear through the rod faster.  

Among other outdoor gear, our 3-inch and 6-inch Hexa Ferro fire starter rods are displayed next to our Tindar Wick. This equipment will help start and maintain a fire in any weather condition, making them essential for any outdoor adventure.

Keep your fire burning strong and thriving with the Überleben Hexå Firestarters 6" & 3"! Never worry about starting your fire up again. 



Discover the ultimate adventure tool with the six-function multi-tool scraper! Featuring sharp, serrated edges and a ruler, this tool is perfect for tackling extra woods tasks. Plus, with a hex wrench and cap lifter, you'll be ready for any challenge. Take your outdoor game to the next level by pairing this scraper with other Ferro rods, and use the full-grain leather lanyard for secure carrying options.  

 The Überleben Hexa 3-inch fire starter, one old and one new, are displayed. These durable and high-quality fire starters are perfect for your next camping or backpacking trip.

The Überleben Hexå Firestarters, one new and one old. 


Strike It Like It’s Hot 

Get ready to ignite a fire like a pro with these preparation tips! You'll need to expose the compound hidden under the black coating on your Ferro rod. Grab your striker and carefully scrape from top to bottom of the Ferro rod. Watch as the shiny ferrocerium is revealed beneath the surface. Remember, no need to apply too much pressure. This is not an indoor activity. Head outdoors and find a suitable spot to get your prep on where you can safely enjoy the spark-tastic show! 

 The Überleben Hexa fire starter rod and striker is presented next to our Original Kuksa. These tools help adventure seekers start fires and enjoy their time in the outdoors.

The Überleben Hexå (3”) Ferro Rod is ready for your camp or any outdoor adventures!


Ever tried to start a fire but didn't know the best way to generate sparks? Fear not, for there are three main techniques to choose from. Each has pros and cons, so knowing all your options is essential. But before you get started, make sure you've identified the sharp scraping area on your striker. This crucial part allows the metal shavings from your Ferro rod to ignite and let the sparks fly! 

 Essential camp tools and accessories: the Überleben Hexa Ferro Rod and striker and the Original Kuksa. Be prepared for any outdoor activity or survival situation with this fire starter.

The exceptional six-function multi-tool striker comes standard on all Überleben Firestarters. 


Forward Scrape 

Master the art of fire starting while keeping your Ferro rod grounded. Instead of randomly striking your rod from a distance (spraying and praying), this approach gently guides you in scraping downwards towards the tinder. But be warned; this approach requires careful execution as it could potentially extinguish any flames or knock over your tinder pile. With a steady hand and a striker at a 45-degree angle, you'll be able to maintain accuracy and avoid disturbing your precious tinder pile. This method is best suited for tinder that can be pinned down by the rod, like poplar and birch bark, feather sticks, bamboo shavings, and tinder tabs. This technique requires practice! 

 Both the Hexa Ferro 3-inch and 6-inch rods with a metal striker rest on a mossy rock to display the difference in length. These essential rods help campers and outdoor enthusiasts to easily start a fire in any condition, in any weather.

Get ready to start a successful fire even in extreme weather conditions with the Überleben Hexå Firestarters (6” & 3”)! This innovative, easy-to-use product will make campfires a breeze no matter where you are.  


Reverse Draw Back 

Try out the reverse method for striking your Ferro rod. This involves "locking" the hand holding the striker into a fixed position close to the tinder while pulling the hand holding the Ferro rod backward against the striker. This method offers a safer way to avoid accidentally crushing your tinder source and lets the user get on top of the tinder pile for the best results. This technique works well on very bushy tinder, like shredded poplar bark, cattail fluff, dry grasses, cotton, dryer lint, and fatwood shavings. 

 The Überleben Hexa Ferro Rod fire starter comes with a metal striking multi-use tool that can benefit lots of outdoor activities. The picture displays the striker tool being used to open a beer in the outdoors. This is the perfect practical and recreational tool for any outdoor adventure or camping trip.

All Überleben Firestarters have a striker attached via a leather lanyard. Crack open your favorite cold one anytime the moment strikes! 


Thumb On Thumb 

By choking up on the Ferro rod with one hand, this method uses ½ to ¾ of an inch only. The striker hand pinches the striker like usual and is positioned about ¾-inches from the tip of the rod. The Ferro rod hand helps apply more pressure and friction by placing the thumb on top of the striker hand thumb. With a flick of the wrist counterclockwise, like turning the key off, apply friction and watch a very bright, hot spark launch with authority. It makes a very intense, direct spark suitable for pinpoint tinder or fibrous materials. The Ferro rod wears in small amounts. When the tip breaks off, it resembles a tapered witch's tooth, perfect for continuing the same way and prolonging the life of your Ferro rod. Although it may take a bit more time and skill to master, it is an impressive technique! 



The Überleben Hexå Firestarters can withstand all environments, whether high altitude or wet. So, whether you’re out in the wilderness or just taking a camping trip with friends, you can trust these fire starters to get the job done. With 20,000+ strikes available, our fire starters won’t disappoint you in any emergency. Ready to channel your inner survivalist and make a blaze with just the flick of a wrist? 

Get yours today, and make sure you’re always prepared! 


Written by Reuben Bolieu