Hey all you fellow outdoor/adventure enthusiasts.
It’s that time of year where a lot of you may be hustling to buy gifts for your friends and family. We want to help you simplify your “gift searching process” so you can find the right gift for those special people in your life.

We’re starting off small with our ferro rods. Here at Überleben, we are pretty proud of our special ferrocerium blend, which allows our ferro rods to give off a lot more sparks than a lot of other ferro rods on the market. Just a few of the rods in our line-up, we’re going to talk about the Kräftig 8” and the Zünden Pro. These are just two of the eight different types of ferro rods we provide.

The Zünden Pro is a 3/8” thick ferro rod that can provide you with about 15,000 strikes. It has a wood handle that gives you a great hold while your use your striker. The Zunden pro comes in at $18

The Kräftig 8” is a beefy, thick 1/2” ferro rod that gives you roughly 20,000 strikes and costs $32.

The great part about these ferro rods is that they can be used to ignite a fire in any weather condition and at any altitude. And they are relatively small and easy to pack!

Our next item, or items, are our Kuksas. Easily our most photogenic products, our wooden Kuksa mugs, are all hand-carved and treated with a food-grade oil finish. So you have a safe protectant layer that prolongs your Kuksas life. Due to the fact that all of our Kuksas are hand-carved out of wood, each mug has a unique wood-grain design. So no Kuksa is the same! Our Lore Kuksa is a 12oz mug/bowl with a sturdy handle to hold on to while enjoying your hot cocoa or your piping bowl of camp stew. The Lore Kuksa comes in at $32. The Original Kuksa is available in a 12oz & 8oz option. The major difference between the Lore and the Original is that the Original Kuksa has two finger holds in the handle for optimal control and has a hand-carved texture. The 8oz costs $24 and the 12oz option costs $32.

And of corse if you want to complete the look of your Kuksa, we also sell the wooden Kanu Spoon at $12.

 Our next product is none other than the Stöker Stove. Whats great about the Stöker is, one, it’s organically fueled. So you don’t have to worry about packing in fuel canisters when you’re headed into the mountains which helps cut down on weight if you’re into creating the lightest base weight of your pack. The second, that it packs down completely flat into this Duck wax canvas sleeve, thus allowing you to save space in your pack. We supply the Stöker in Stainless Steel as well as a Titanium. The great thing about the titanium option is that is has a great strength to weight ratio, it’s lightweight and it cools rapidly after you extinguish your fire. The SS option comes in at $42 and the Titanium is $62.

For our last item on our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, we have the Kessel Pot which just so happens to pair perfectly with our Stöker Stove. Also coming in a Duck wax Canvas bag (which also doubles as a tinder bag), the Kessel has a capacity of 1.1 L (37fl oz) and comes in Stainless Steel and Titanium. What’s great about our Kessel Pot is, the lid fits perfectly onto the stove so you don’t get that “lid-rattle” sound you can get with some other stoves.  Our Stainless Steel Kessel is $44 and the Titanium version is $82.


Thank you all for watching our Gift Guide, we hope it helps you in your decision making for your holiday gifts. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send us a DM on our socials @uberleben.co on Facebook and Instagram.