We are Josiah and Haden from Überleben. Some of you already may know us. But, for those of you who don't, we run the marketing and content behind all of Überleben's social medias. We want to welcome you to our new adventure in tackling the beast that is YouTube. Through our videos, we want to show you that a couple of kids who are also outdoor enthusiasts can make due with the proper tools to enjoy our time outdoors. We also want to show you that firecrafting may not be as intimidating as you may think. Fire is universal, it's an experience, it's primal and it's a lifestyle. Fire is a part of our DNA. We want to bridge the gap between modern and traditional by showing you that just a couple of modern guys can go outdoors and enjoy their time and in case something goes south, we too can be competent enough to make a fire in case of emergency. We hope you enjoy our new series and follow along on the adventure!

Gear we used:

-Hexå 6"

-Tindår Wick & Bellow





We couldn't have gotten as much wood as we did as quickly as we did without our Silky saw and our Fiskars axes.