Earlier this month we decided it was time to release our Stöker Stove in a limited Titanium Edition. This ultralight version of our already popular flatpack stove went over so well that we decided to stock more of them for you guys/gals!

With that said, the question has been asked...Should you go with Stainless or Titanium for your camping stove/cookware? And honestly, that's up to your preference. We'll list some of the differences between the two below. And we'll also break down who we think each option is best for.



Stainless Steel:

  • Price: $42
  • Weight: 14.6oz (including canvas bag)
  • Fueled by anything in the forest.
  • Includes Canvas Sleeve (doubles as a tinder bag)
  • Anti-Corrosive & Extremely Durable
  • Less Expensive than Titanium
  • Heavier than Titanium
  • Can take awhile to cool


  • Price: $62
  • Weight: 7.3oz (including canvas bag)
  • Fueled by anything in the forest.
  • Includes Canvas Sleeve (doubles as a tinder bag)
  • Anti Corrosive & Extremely Durable
  • Lighter Weight than Stainless
  • More Expensive than Stainless
  • Cools very quickly




Why use Titanium?


Titanium Stoves and Camping Gear are vital for outdoorsmen & women who are looking to keep their backpack's weight down while enjoying the great outdoors. This desire to keep weight down could be caused by the distance they regularly hike/trek, physical limitations that cause them to need a lighter weight pack, or simply, personal preference.

When it comes to stoves, Titanium and Stainless will perform very similarly, with one exception...Titanium cools off very quickly. This quick cooling nature of titanium is great when you need to hit the trails quickly after using your stove to heat up some food or drink.

Another pro of titanium is that it cuts the weight of our Stöker Stove in half. This could be a crucial weight savings for certain outdoor kits.

Great For: Ultralight Backpackers, Thru-Hikers, People with physical limitations when it comes to carrying a lot of weight.

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Why Use Stainless Steel?


Stainless Steel Stoves and Camping Gear have been widely available to outdoor enthusiasts for years upon years. It is extremely durable, cheaper to purchase and will last a lifetime with proper care.

Stainless Steel is naturally heavier than Titanium, which could be the only drawback for the people we mentioned above. However, Stainless Steel gear is cheaper, it's great for people who don't mind the extra weight and a great option for people who are just getting into the outdoors.

Great For: People who don't hike far distances, basecamp setups, car campers, budget-conscious outdoorsmen/women.

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Want to see it in action?


Watch the video above to see our Stöker stove in action!
Still have a question? Contact us here, we're always stoked to help.