What Is A Kuksa?

Kuksa Cups are traditional Nordic designed drinking vessels made from Natural and High-Quality Hardwood. They come in all sorts of shapes and capacities. Here at Überleben, we focus on 2 ergonomic shapes and 2 volumes (8oz, 12oz).



What is a Kuksa used for?

Smaller Kuksa’s can be used as measuring cups (sugar, liquids, spices, etc) and drinking vessels. While larger Kuksa’s are perfect for drinking your favorite coffee, teas, etc.



Why use a Kuksa?

Kuksa’s provide a much more authentic experience when in the outdoors. You are literally holding and drinking from a cup that used to be a tree. The connection you feel with nature when using a Kuksa is hard to explain until you do it for yourself.



Kuksa Cup Care Tips 

Like any natural wood product, if you treat your Kuksa right, it’ll serve you well on many adventures.

  1. Hand wash & dry it before initial use.
  2. Oil Regularly: Dry wood has a tendency to crack, so keep you Kuksa oiled up to avoid this.
  3. No extreme temperatures: Give your boiling liquids a few minutes to cool down before pouring it into your Kuksa. Also avoid microwaves and dishwashers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. 



Original Kuksa and Lore 12