Which Ferro Rod Is Best?


Honestly, this question isn't really a blanket statement of which ferro rod is best. Rather, which one is best for YOU.

Our ferro rods are purpose-built for different applications and all feature different strengths that make them better suited for different outdoor activities. So, let's dive in and help you pick the perfect ferro rod for you next adventure!



Before we dive into the specifics of each ferro rod, let's get a birds-eye view of each one of them. From left to right, here's what we currently offer:

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Hexå 6-Sided Ferro Rod

(shown with Tindår Wick + Bellow)


What makes Hexå different?
Hexå is not your typical rounded ferro rod. The 6 flat sides mean more contact area, resulting in more molten sparks.

Who is Hexå best for?
Hikers and campers who don't mind the extra weight. People who are into the bushcraft, survival & self-reliant lifestyles.

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Kräftig 8 Ferro Rod


What makes Kräftig 8 different?
Our Kräftig line of ferro rods are workhorses. If we were tossed into the wilderness for an unknown amount of time, Kräftig 8" is the ferro rod we'd reach for.

Who is Kräftig 8 best for?
Kräftig is for people who are very serious about their fire-making and don't want to leave anything up to chance. Kräftig 8" is also a fantastic introduction into ferro rods for people who have never used them. The Kräftig series have no handles, which give you the longest runway to create the most amount of sparks.

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Leicht Necklace Ferro Rod


What makes Leicht different?
This small ferro rod & striker can be worn around your neck as a necklace and you'll never notice it's there (until you need it most).

Who is Leicht best for?
Ultralight backpackers, EDC enthusiasts or people who are looking for a backup firestarter. At less than 1oz, it's sure to always be on your person when you need to make a fire.

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Zünden Ferro Rod


What makes Zünden different?
This was the first ferro rod we released here at Überleben, so we're a little sentimental about it. But in all honesty, it has stood the test of time and still resides in many of our own personal fire kits.

Who is Zünden best for?
Much like the Lødern ferro rods, these are great to stash in your hiking, camping & backpacking kits. They also have that old-world charm brought on by the natural wood handles, which make them great for people who love traditional gear as well.

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