Guten Tag!

We keep meaning to post here, but... time has been 2-steps ahead of us since the start.

Approximately 19 months ago we launched Überleben brand, with our very first product. The Zünden Traditional Firesteel.

Since then, we've been struggling to streamline our manufacturing, and keep up with demand -- which, obviously is a great problem to have! However, still a "problem" we've been working to improve! We're getting there, with each new hire. And we can't wait to begin churning out some awesome new products for 2018!

 For now, we just wanted to THANK YOU for all for your patience, support, and endless encouragement! You guys, and our affinity for the outdoors, are 100% the reason we continue! Thank You! 

More to come in 2018!

 - Tim | Co-Founder | Überleben